Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gone Away...

Missed me? I have been really really really (x 1000) busy over the past few weeks. With my crazy university timings, and this public speaking competition, Speak Up! 2011, at hand, that I told you all about, I have absolutely no time to do anything else.
University is good. There are only few other students, so I get to speak and argue on critical and debatable issues a lot more. People are nice. I've made some more friends. Since I'm doing University of London's (UoL) international programme from one of their registered institutions here in Pakistan, it is really economical and I actually enjoy studying. The institution is the same place where I completed my A' level from, so I know the place and it's people really well, and I'm the only 'old' student here, so I have to do all the teachers' work around the place. I'm doing my bachelors in Development and Economics now, I switched from International Development. This new programme is more competitive and I like my units more.
Speak Up! 2011 starts this Thursday. As I've told you all before in my last post that I'm heading the four socials of this gathering, it takes a great deal of my time and energy. This is what we're doing now:
1. Wild Wild West - dance floor, open mic performances. We'll have wanted posters up every where and our bounty hunters will be making rounds and people have to pay to have their friends arrested, who will be contained in our artificial jail and have to pay triple the amount for their release. They can get 'get out of jail' free  cards by consecutively throwing three horse shoes on a bamboo stick from a distance of 14 feet. Food will be served
2. Beach Party - dance floor, volleyball nets, limbos, bonfire, barbecue
3. Hyde Fart (Talent Show) - opens with two bands' performance, followed by different kind of performances by the participants, and a game-activity-improvisational drama session by an acting company
4. Halloween Party - dance floor, and all the Halloween related things you can imagine.
My job is to lead the socials' team and design, plan, organise, and manage these events, alongside my team.
Much much thanks to Furree Katt for designing the most amazing and wonderful WANTED posters for the first event. I'll upload the pictures for it soon and everyone must see how awesome she is. Her work looks totally professional. It was jaw-drops-to-the-floor kind of work. It is THAT AMAZING. 
It is 4 52 am, and now I'm sleepy. I shall go to bed now. 

Take Care
Russian Bear (that rhymes, haha)