Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's up?


Hope you all are doing really really well! I am not. I have been coughing and sneezing like a mad cow.

The past week was busy busy busy with meetings almost everyday. We are trying to collect donations for the flood affected areas of Pakistan and it is a pain to get schools and organizations on board for this project. Volunteers are a bigger pain. They want the certificate but they won't work. What I'm trying to work on is collaboration between various schools and organizations to collect, pack and distribute the donations that are coming in. I succeeded in establishing safe channels for distribution but collection is the main issue, hopefully that will be sorted out this weekend as I'm expecting some response. 

Since I'm also working on the socials for Speak Up! 2011, meetings are being held for that as well. I have to organize four social events which will take place every night after hours of debating for four days.
The first social is a Pakistani traditional Sindhi Kacheyri (people sit around a fire, play games, talk, eat, listen to classical music) setting. It won't be as boring as it sounds. We have called in a band to perform live classical/Sufi music for us, alongside the games we are still working on. 
The second social is a beach party. Dance floor. Loud music. Lights and lasers. Barbecue. Beach games. Go crazy.
The third social is called 'Hyde Fart'. We have called in an acting company for a comedy improvisational play.
The fourth social is a Masquerade - Grand Ball.
Pitch in your ideas please...

Other than this, my university's orientation is tomorrow and it starts on Monday, September 26th. I'm studying B Sc. International Development. It is a three year long programme, hopefully I'll do good in it and get a good job after that. Also, I need your prayers for something. I'm trying to get something for a very long time and I just can't find it appropriate enough for me.  Pray for me. Pray for my health too, while you're at it.



  1. why dont u use these programs to generate funds for the flood victims...

    instead use it for some social pupose only...

    fun is easy to motivate ppl to fund then lives of affected ppl... sad reality but for everyone to pitch in a dollar... u need to entice their taste buds with the right thing...

    dont let these ideas go away without generating something good for the ppl...

    also... its hard to have volunteers to work cuz wat u r getting is more kids wanting to socialise and look good on paper then be there for the passion and desire to help ppl.

    still kudos to u for putting up this effort... f u can keep to it, without giving up hope and find a way to make this work for someone... even one... u shud know ur trying is imp not only accomplishment...

    try to test ppl before getting them in... dont just go for their words and personalities and how influencial they say they are...

    those who are used to only sit in air conditioned venues, will be able to volunteer for a week as an exoerience but not really commit to it....

    u need ppl who want to marry this cause... not who is in for some flirting and dating!

    u get it...:)

    dont worry... u dont need thousands... u need 1 more!

    take care! and let me know if i can help i will be honest, i cant handle meetings and talking... give me a task and send me home... i cant bear inactivity and free idle time... anywhere but home!

    send me a task once , twice and thrice... if i make an excuse... third time is the last... dont count me in ever again... and once kicked out kicked out for always...

    thats the way... and give perks only to those who stay in and prove their worth... and yes give them tough tasks... real tough ones without fear of losing... tell them we will test u so they are prepared!

    dont be nasty, dont be rude, be straigtforward, be clear and firm and give them the job,... show them the vision... and tell them... u only come if u feel styrongly abt the vision rather then ur own self!

    i hope i helped!

  2. wow great work collecting help or flood victims.....i always used to volunteer when i was back there.....yahan tou kuch hota hi nahi hai :\ still i appreciate ur work! Bravo. Best of luck at what u r doing!

    btw get well soon.....this viral thing is all around tc =)

  3. @Furree Katt - Yeeeaaahh :D

    @Smokey Cat - if they do, they would do it like me

    @Maryam A. - what I said to Smokey

  4. @Love - Well, I am working as a part of an organization, a Rotaract club. We have four portfolios: International Relations, Professional and Leadership Development, Community Services, and Club Services.

    Now, each portfolio works independent of the other. The funds that each portfolio has and it generates are used by them only. I am the Director of Community Services. As I am a senior member of the Club, I have to work in other projects too. Since there was no one to take leadership for the socials of Speak Up, that fell to me. What I do for them, is for them only.

    For my portfolio I have to do other things. I am trying to organize a fund raiser. It is a game called 'Cluedo'. We did it last year as Club Services but this year we're doing it for the community services. Other than this, we are also doing a flood relief march soon; we march from place to place, markets to markets, collecting donations. We are also setting up a collection camp in one of the largest residential areas of Karachi. Also, some schools have responded pretty well.

    Volunteers are lazy as always. And we can't just test them. They are VOLUNTEERS, they can work as per their will. Let's just hope they get motivated enough by the information we're providing them.

    Regards :D

  5. Hey :)
    Just came across your blog via Hamza's. :)
    You have a nice blog :) I love socials. What you have mentioned seems to be fun :)

    Good luck for collecting funds :) It is annoying when people take part just for the certificates and not for the actual reason of helping.

    Take Care :)
    Keep posting!


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