Saturday, August 27, 2011

If music be the food of love, play on

After two weeks of trying to add a playlist here, without taking any help from anyone, I finally succeeded! 

*evil laugh* 

I have added a number of my favourite songs, I doubt any of you would share the same music taste as I do but it will make me THIS happy *spreads arms wide open* if anyone does. 

Also, you can suggest me songs which you want me to add in my playlist, I shall not niraash disappoint you, for I will add all the songs that you will suggest, unless it is by Ladygaga, Britney or someone like that.



  1. space bound by eminem
    rapture by nadia ali
    and schiller ft nadia ali
    and pierces pretty little liars theme song...
    i would give u a bear hug if u added these here.
    and u have got reaalllyyyyy gooodd ttaassttee in musicccc

  2. waow!!
    At first I thought playlist as in list :D thn I started wondering where the hell is this voice coming from :D:D

    I'll do this :D *yes! m a cheater* :D I won't take any help, too :D

  3. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Guns N Roses - November Rain. Lifehouse - Breathing. Inx - Afterglow.

    I could stay on this page forever now. <3

  4. Linkin Park ka koi sa bhi daal do.

  5. @Ateeq - done! you'll give a bear a bear hug? :P

    @Ifra - hahahahahaha *falls off the bed*

    @Ezazi - :) any suggestions?

    @ME - bohot saaray daal diye

  6. Hey I love your playlist..sort of giving me warm welcome while i here...

    ..and I like your post's title

    take care Mr Russian Bear

  7. owl city: fireflies, vanilla twilight, the saltwater room =)

  8. @the other side of me - I'm glad you like it, you made me SO happy!
    and the title is Shakespearean
    take care Ms. TOSM :)

    @Anaya - Why aren't you following my blog if you're making suggestions, huh? I've added these songs though

  9. heyyy!! cool blog with a coool playlist!! =)

    ummm fireflies owlcity!! =)

    following!! =)

  10. hahahah, i just added ur link to my chrome collection, now i won't need you tube, i am just staying here. :P

  11. Arey waah itni achi playlist hai =D

    Add Your Hand In Mine by Explosions In The Sky. It is an amaaaaaazingg instrumental.

  12. @Crimson Coral - thanks :) and thanks again for following :D
    Fireflies by Owl City is already in the list :)

    @Ateeq - haha that's great! It made me REALLY happy

    Thank you, adding it. :D

  13. Owwh. Just found your blog. Cool place here.

    Like your playlist :)
    following you now..


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