Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am bored

I am quite bored today. I haven't had my car for the past two weeks and now when my new car came this morning it has to go for tyre change, oil change, tuning and whatnot. 
Anyway, I just feel like sharing these old pictures.

June 2010 - The Citizens Foundation 

Hassan bhai - Coordinator
Fellow teachers playing with balloons on our way back home
 Me and my students

Trump Card's cat, Ziggy

Panda patting Ziggy

Giving food packs to students of HOPE Foundation

Then Club President

These pictures must be larger than the rest

In a cafe
Frere Hall's ceiling -  work of Sadequain (painter and calligrapher)

Enlarge and see - Math worksheet

Spotted during last month's Polio Immunization Drive

Gotta find something else to do
Bye :D

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