Sunday, August 21, 2011

Found a cook inside me!


Today my sister had to go for iftar somewhere and my mother wasn't feeling well, so the kitchen was in my hands. You would think that being a 'mard' (male) I wouldn't have liked it but no, I was like "mwahahaha! all the things I wanted to do" :D

So, I started making drinks first. Four different kind of juice were made:
1. Pineapple-Orange Tang
2. Grape and Strawberry Tang mixed together with Olfruit Cocktail juice
3. Grape, Strawberry, Orange and Lemon Tang mixed together, with extra lemon squeezed into it. Half of this was poured in another bottle and
4. Pomegranate Syrup (not grenadine, could not find it) was added and the bottle was filled with 7 Up. 


Then I started making fruit chaat and followed the instructions provided by Furree Katt. Used apples, guavas, apricots, grapes and bananas. Added sugar and pepper,  squeezed lemon and added some orange juice. There we go.

After that I cut potatoes and made French Fries. *sticks tongue out*

The last thing was to make PIZZA! Made three pizzas. Not the Pizza Hut kind of pizza but still a pizza. I used four slices of bread to make one pizza. Here is what I did:
Take four slices of bread, put them in such a way that they form a big square
Put lots of mozzarella cheese in between them to join them.
Make your pizza dressing (I used chicken, mayonnaise, red chilli, green chilli, pepper, oregano, pizza sauce, garlic mayo and more chicken) and heat it for 4 - 5 minutes
Spread it on the base you made earlier
Top it with more mozzarella cheese
Heat it in oven till cheese melts completely 

Soon it was time for Iftar and everyone liked all of it :D YAY! I found the cook hidden deep inside of me. I can bake a little too. Also, I make the best omelettes in the entire universe. I am not bragging, okay? I'm just a little too excited 

At iftar, bhai (brother) asked Abu (father) if something happened in the city today, the following conversation took place:
Bhai: did something happen at Civic Centre today?
Abu: what?
Bhai: heard there was a protest against the president
Abu: I don't know, I wasn't in the city
Bhai and Me (together): wait! you were home six hours ago
Abu: *shrugs*
Bhai: *still confused* how is it possible?
Me: *laughing like a hyena, falls off the chair*

Well, it ended well with our tummies filled with yummies and I got to do everything my sister didn't let me do.


Also, people start responding for the blogger meet-up! Jaldi jaldi


Keep on smiling and laughing


  1. I made that kind of pizza when i was 9 :p i used one slice of bread though. and it was YUMMMMMYY!

    Blogger meetup waali email, ik friend ke saath share karne ke baad reply karun gi.

  2. Those drinks sound interesting. Hahaha yeah sisters don't let brothers in the kitchen 'cause they wreck stuff and then we have to clean it =p But I'm glad you got a chance to experiment :D Cheers! x]

  3. Leave everything behind, when u r inviting me to iftar,:P
    OMG, u r am awesome cook...yummy...

  4. @ME - It was YUMMY na?
    and okay, I'm waiting.

    @a* - THOSE DRINKS WERE AWESOME! My sister liked everything I made :D Cheers and thanks for following

    @Ateeq Mughal - haha thanks, come whenever you wish! friends are always welcome :)

  5. Haha.
    Once, I accidentally made a perfect Biryani myself. =D

  6. The convo, LOL.

    And woooooow, you cooked. Thats so awesome. :p

  7. @Hamza bin Ladin - :D Biryani is awesome! I shall try making it some day

    @Maryam A. - thanks! and thanks again for following.

    @Ifra Khaliq - yeh tou Lahore ke bloggers hi bataye ge :)

  8. How I did not find your blog before today, I have no idea.

    You took a recipe from a girl?
    Bus. Badnam.

    Lol, joking.


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