Friday, August 26, 2011

Blogger Meet-up - Karachi


We've been planning a blogger meet-up for quite some time now and here is the final plan
*claps and cheers* 

We are meeting on September 10th at The Second Floor and this meet-up is held under PeaceNiche, people who run The Second Floor (T2F). We are to gather there at 6:00 pm sharp. We can also eat and drink over there while we talk, they have this nice little kitchen where they make delicious food for our tummies. At 7:30 pm my band, Quasars, is performing over there, so we'll listen to them then.

For any further details e-mail me at

Hope to see a good response


  1. blogger meet up?? wow awesome..hope you guys will have fun:):)

  2. Yes, a blogger meet-up! :)
    Why won't you come? Where are you from?

  3. Too bad Im from Malaysia..Pakistan is too far for me :):)

  4. OMG I CAN'T WAIIIITTTTT xD Maza ayega :D

  5. i'd love to comeeee! but not sure yettt. :/

  6. ya i would, i will confirm it like 4 days before the meet-up...


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