Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 1947 - Pakistan and India

August 14th, 1947: Pakistan was born
August 15th, 1947: India gained independence

After 347 years of British rule over the Indian subcontinent, a new nation was born. It was a separate nation for the Muslims of the subcontinent and was named 'Pakistan'
Few minutes after the birth of Pakistan, India gained independence.
A minute before the 24th hour of August 14th Pakistan was born, a minute after that midnight India was independent.

I post this about the time when the history of the subcontinent took a new turn, the moment of joy, victory and celebration for the people of the subcontinent, a moment to celebrate over three centuries of struggle for an independent country. 

Even though the two countries have fought wars against each other and still hold feelings of hostility, we are all the same. We were united against the British back then, we had one common purpose which united us and that was to drive them from the subcontinent.

I have been reading 'Happy Independence Day Pakistan' all over the internet. Pakistan was born in 1947, it was created, it did not gain independence. It was India which should celebrate independence.

Happy Birthday Pakistan
Happy Independence Day India

I hope and pray for the advancement and growth of these two countries, I hope that one day this hostility and hatred will end, we will live in peace with each other, we will be friends.

Also, I read so many people writing and saying 'Happy 65 years of Independence', it has been 64 years since August 1947.


Pakistan's National Anthem


  1. Pakistan was born :D
    this statement bought me here.
    that was a pretty inspirational post

  2. Oh yes, you are right!
    Pakistan was born, India got Independence.

    Perceptive post!~

    BTW, Yeah the record was not broken, but they say last minute Tweets and Face booking made a
    lot of people turn up.

    The initial number was 5700+. Anyways IDK.
    It wasn't really fun,
    no parking spots, no electricity, tons of water and 'KEECHER'. =p


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