Sunday, August 28, 2011

Are you casting asparagus on my cooking?

Arrr! So I went back to THE KITCHEN yesterday to make iftar. This time both my ma and sister were not home.

*all the ants of the house gives a standing ovation for the mess I make for them*

I made pakoray, sandwiches, French fries, fruit chaat and juices!

Pakoray: Ma made the batter, all I had to do was dip potato slices and onion rings in it and  fry them :) 


1. Take K&N's chicken breast fillet and slice them into thin strips.
3. Boil them
2. Make your chicken covering
...a. take some mayonnaise in a bowl
...b. add pepper, salt and oregano
...c. slice some green chilli and add it
...d. add red chilli powder
...e. add cream cheese
3. Dip your chicken strips in the batter
4. (Optional) boil an egg, cut it into small pieces and add it in the batter
5. Heat your non-stick pan and pour a little bit of olive oil in it
6. Put all your chicken strips in the pan together and add all the remaining batter on top of them
7. Fry it all for 4 - 5 minutes
8. Spread them on bread
9. Put another piece of bread on top
10. EAT IT!

p.s. my personal recipe!

French Fries: Everyone knows how to make French fries! I'll just tell y'all a bunch of interesting stuff about them

Potatoes were originally being fried by at least 1680 in the Meuse Valley of Belgium. Locals would eat small fish with their meals, but when the river was frozen over, they cut potatoes lengthwise and fried them in oil to use as a substitute. Ergo they should be called Belgian Fries!
Lengthwise-cut-fried-potatoes were introduced to the U.S. when Thomas Jefferson served them in the White House during his Presidency of 1801 - 1809
One of the early references to 'French fried potatoes' was in 1894 in O. Henry's 'Rolling Stones': "Our countries are great friends. We have given you Lafayette and French fried potatoes."
French fries are not called "French fries" in France. They are known as 'poninws frites' (fried potatoes). And the potato itself is known as the ponone de terre, or 'earth apple'

Fruit Chaat: Furree Katt told me to cut apples, bananas, guavas and grapes and mix them together in a bowl. She also told me to add pepper and squeeze some lemon it. I just added some orange juice to it and om nom nom nom!

1. New 'Pineapple and Orange' Tang
2. Mixture of Grape and Strawberry Tang with lemon squeezed in it

Did you know that the banana 'tree' is actually not a tree but a giant herb with banana being a fruit of this herb? And that the bunch of bananas sold in the market is actually known as a 'hand' and each banana in it is called a 'finger'?
Did you know that there are over 8000 varieties of grapes worldwide? Also, that they are a laxative if you eat too many?
Did you know that strawberry is not a  fruit but that it is a receptacle? And that if they are consumed in right proportion they can fill in almost 20% of human body's daily folic acid requirement and 140% of Vitamin C?
Did you know that a pineapple is ripe when one of its top leaves can easily be pulled out? And that one cup of pineapple has about 135 calories and 33% of the RDA of Vitamin C?
Did you know that orange is a type of berry, hesperidia to be exact? Also, that the bigger the navel in the orange, the sweeter it is?
Did you know that quercetin is found only in the apple skin and that it has more antioxidants and fiber than the flesh? And that there are more than 7500 varieties of apples grown in the world?
Did you know that guava seed range between 100 and 500 per fruit? Also that it produces toxic chemicals in its leaves that prevents the growth of other plants?

David Tudor said, "Performance is very much like cooking: putting it all together, raising the temperature."

Curly Howard


Saw these pages on Facebook and found them funny and thought I'd share them here

1. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a penguin, always be a penguin.

2. To everyone feeling depressed, here is a picture of a happy goat.


Well, it's too early in the morning to write anything else. Now


  1. wow..i always get jealous when guys cook :P:P

    banana??hand & finger..oh God I never knew about this :)

    Thanks for the info!!!! @_@

  2. dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u shouldn't have posted this delicious post at this time,...
    i still have to wait 10 hours before i can have all of those things, :P
    and u should start an amateur cooking show, i will be your guest :P
    lol, am still on your page, :P

  3. FRENCH FRIES<3 Hahahah next time I have them, I can boast about eating 'poninws frites' and no one will know what the heck I'm referring to. :P Interesting facctss. :D

    Btw, I emailed you asking for details for Express Tribune, you haven't replied yett :/

  4. Haha.

    The Pakoras LOOK perfect!!!

    *Thumps up*

    *Pats on the back*

    Men's Cooking For The Win!

  5. @TOSM - Pleasure! I'll bring more next time

    @Ateeq - haha the best part of posting this in roza time is to get comments like yours :p
    nay, abhi aur seekhna hai phir :P
    thanks, I'm so happy you like it

    @Aaishah - hahahahaha do that, I'll do it too. 'Frite' is pronounced as 'Freets', I never got poninws :p
    I didn't receive your e-mail. RAWR me

    @Furree Katt - PENGUIN!

    @Hamza bin Ladin - Men's cooking for the win! And I googled pakora picture :p

  6. bhooook. supid perfect pakoras.


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