Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rotaract Club of Karachi Cosmopolitan - Open Day

Hello People! Rotaract Club of Karachi Cosmopolitan, one of the many Rotaract clubs formed around the world, has announced that their next Open Day will be on July 9th, 2011. It is open (and free) for anyone who lives in Karachi and wishes to join the club. E-mail (Rawr) me if you want to come, I'll send you the details (address and timings).

Our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rotaract-Club-of-Karachi-Cosmopolitan/274055017886

Our Club has four basic portfolios:
1. Community Services - we are working hard to make our city and our country polio free and to achieve this we train and send people for immunization drives around the city whenever the Government announces National Immunization Days. We are also working to provide more and better education opportunities to the less privileged. Twice a year we hold blood drives in which blood donors are sought for hospitals, they are also registered in case they require blood in future. We are trying to extend our hand to the society as much as possible in as many ways we can. (I am the Director of Community Services)

2. Professional and Leadership Development - we try and develop professional skills and leadership qualities in our club members and in the general public, mainly students. Any club member can suggest an event/project and take lead on it and the whole club supports and helps the project lead. For any club event, work is divided equally between all the members and new members are encouraged to take up leading positions so that they learn professionalism. This is not it! We also organize annual Speak Up! and RYLA. Speak Up! is a speaking platform divided into three categories: ROTSKY (basic speaking techniques for primary school students), ROTATE (parliamentary debates for Intermediate, A level and University students) and ROTMUN (Model United Nations for Intermediate, A level and University students). RYLA (Rotaract Youth Leadership Awards) is a 3 day long event in which we try and teach basic leadership ideas and theories through different activities, games and workshops.

3. Club Services - club services include fundraising events,  appreciation ceremonies and essentially it is all the party and fun.

4. International Understanding - we are trying to develop better international relations through sending our members to events organized by Rotaract clubs in other countries and inviting their members to our events.

Club registration is a simple process. You have to attend four meetings (including Open Day) and participate in one event, at least, to be a permanent member of the club. There is an annual fee of Rs. 1000 which is a tiny fraction of what the club spends on you throughout the year.

For more information: ATTEND THE OPEN DAY!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How I Met Your Friend

We are born, we grow up, we travel and we say farewell! During this journey we meet thousands of other travelers. Some of them come and go. Some stay for a while and then leave. However, there are some who stay forever or even if for some reason they do part from us they leave behind an impression on us. I am not talking about my parents, my brother and sisters. I am talking about some friends. I am grateful that our paths crossed during this journey, for I have not only made amazing memories with them but have learnt from them too, they form a part of what I am today. I am writing about only 4 friends.

Shaheer. He has been a lifelong friend. In fact, he has been there since the beginning of this journey. He was with me in play school (this is NOT a typo) and we are still together, not in school but we meet everyday! We have seen each other change with time, we've stood together in bad times and we've shared great, laughable memories. He is one of those friends who I can call at 3 am and tell them that I'm bored and they will give me company. As kids we used to go for these adventures. We would walk as far from home as we could and amused ourselves with the little things we saw or found. 3 years back we went to the beach, spontaneously, on his motorcycle. Then last year when the floods came we made several trips together to the relief camps in other cities.
I remember playing this game with him. When were six year old, we came up with this game in which we took different characters such as a business man, a farmer, a cop or something and we used to on his roof and use whatever we found in our game. We assumed these characters and tried to behave like them as best as little us could do. Two more friends partook in this activity and it continued until I moved from that neighbourhood at the age of ten.

This is him. Oh! He got a hair cut, he has no hair now. :) (I'll be attacked and probably killed for this)

Usman, you will hear us calling him Usmanay. We met when I moved to this new street (where I'm still living) 5 years back. I was new in this street and so I decided to play cricket with a bunch of guys playing in my street and there was he, Usman, all welcoming and cheerful, as you will still find him to be. Those two words actually totally describe him. One of those people who doesn't know anger but only knows how to laugh and make other people laugh as if that is the purpose of his life, and I'm glad that I know him. Last year, during exams, I started spending every night at his place because that was one way in which we could both focus on studying and force each other to study. The studying session was followed by a movie. Many summer nights were spent playing games or watching movies at his place after the exams were over. This year, however, we decided to do the same but something happened and we were able to do it less. You will get to know what it is at the end of this post :) It used to annoy him in the start but now he is totally cool with it.

This is him. He isn't usually this dressed up, it was his school farewell. This is also his favourite picture of himself.

Ahsen. Met him in Grade X, his first day at school. I still remember how confused and lost he was. Our English teacher (also our class teacher) asked me to help him with getting to know people and stuff and... we became friends. He joined my group of friends and since he lived near my house, still does, we started hanging around outside school a lot too. We went to each other's house almost daily and he became a brother, my whole family treats him like a member of the house. He would barge in my room and wake me up, ask me to come over at insanely weird times and I am his only friend at whose house he ever got permission to stay for a night because we were playing family games all night and my parents asked his parents to let him stay. I can never forget the time we went to have our passports, our National Identity Cards and our driving licences made. Yes, we did all of that together.

This is him. No, he doesn't study this much. You will usually find him this confused and lost (as I said earlier)

Mashhad. Met him a little over 2 years back and we became friends a little over a year ago. How did I meet him? We were playing in the same soccer tournament and we were in the same team until he thought that we are not giving him a fair chance at playing and he moved to another team. This is when he 'earned' the name 'Gaddaar' (Traitor). He hated it when anyone called him that and then he got rid of this name by playing some random soccer games from our team and becoming a friend. He started hanging out with us a lot more and became a really good friend. Oh! Mashhad can sing pretty well, so he entertains us too when we ask him to :) I remember going for late night tea with him, the day we didn't go to school and spent the whole morning at a cafe playing cards followed by breakfast and a drive to the city beach.

 This is him. We call him our 'burger' boy and 'player'

Two more pictures:

Lahore, December 2010. Left to Right: Shahzeb, Mashhad, Me (in the big white hat), Usman, Mohsin

Shaheer and I, breakfast at 5 30 am, Random Day.

November 3rd, 2010. Left to Right: Mashhad, Me, Shaheer, Hanan and Hamza

Ahsen and Shaheer, some random evening.

You must laugh:

Shaheer and Usman went crazy.

I won't be writing anything at the end because I've already told how much these guys mean to me. However, I am yet to tell you why Usman and I could not do study sessions as we used to. Well, phone calls began. I will write about this later and in details and you will get to know everything :)