Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm a tree. I am the Tree of Life.

Tree of Life (Disney's Animal Kingdom - Florida)

All of us know how important trees are for us. We also know how rapidly trees are being cut down everyday and what consequences the world is facing because of this deforestation. Take a look at this video. It shows what happened in the Amazon Rainforest.

Would you want the frog to die? Remember Princess and the Frog?
Would you want the monkey and the praying mantis to die? Remember Kung Fu Panda? Oh! Pandas too.

I have decided to do something about it. Well, not really. Someone else has, I'm just playing my small role and so can you. 'My blog is carbon neutral' was initiated in Germany by their 'Make it Green' programme and they plant a tree if you add one of their buttons (like the one above) to your blog. This tree will neutralize your blog's carbon footprints for the next 50 years! Take part in this programme and make a difference.